MODULE 5: Tweet Deck

Tweet deck is an alternative to a search engine that uses social filters and personal interests to display results in a timely manner.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 6.45.20 PM

Comparative to standard search engines, like Google, base their results on relevance to the search topic, Tweet Deck presents the results based on timeliness. Tweet Deck’s results are also based on your personal twitter activity (no matter how little, like mine) personalizing the results even further. Ex: showing results only on the accounts you follow, or popular retweets, etc. Though there are benefits to this data filtering, there is also the risk of group polarization and social bubbles.

So there is the idea that thought both these ways to search have the same general purpose, their ways of bringing out results are a bit different. And there are many benefits to these different filters, but there are also disadvantages as well. Tweet Deck is very specific in the demographic it targets comparative to bigger, more well-known search engines, like Google.

MODULE 5: Tweet Deck

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