Module 4: Privacy and Security

On a usual day, my internet usage is generally limited to social media browsing, emails, YouTube and Google searches. Pairing that up with Google Chrome extensions, like AdBlock, I thought that I was safe from third party sites because I knew what sites I was visiting. However using Light Beam on Firefox, I was surprised to find out that I had connected to over a hundred third party sites.

After Installing Light Beam, I went through my usual routine (social media, YouTube, etc). And after 20 mins, I went to check my Light Beam graph to see and compare what I had hypothesized my internet usage to be. I was quite spot on with my guess at 4-6 sites during my 20mins, but I was very surprised to see that 120 third party sites were connected. Excluding Ryerson’s website, I had found most of my social media sites we connected to common third party websites. The number of cookies were also amazingly high. There was so much information that was saved in 20 mins of casual browsing!

Light Beam has really made me aware of how unaware we usually are about web security and information leaks. However, I find that though we are unaware of the bad sides to third party connections, we are also unaware of how  it still allows us to have a streamlined experience on the internet.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.02.21 PM

Module 4: Privacy and Security

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