Digital/Internet Etiquette OR “Netiquette”

In contemporary society, mostly everyone uses social media as a form of communication and self expression. That being said, just because its being used for personal reasons, does not mean what people say doesn’t have an effect on others; the internet is a public space.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind before you post that Facebook update or tweet that tweet.

1. Respect others. 

Seems pretty simple, be civil. A lot of people are unaware that if they don’t see the person they’re speaking to, they can say whatever they want; like there is a shield or barrier that protects them. That’s just simply not okay. Filter your words, like you are in society outside of the internet. If we can be nice to each other in real life, we should be the same way digitally.

And speaking of filtering our words, that bring me to point number two:

2. Re-read before you post.

Sometimes we are so excited to share things with everyone we forget about a few things like, connotations of the words we use, or maybe it’s just that weird autocorrect your phone creates when you type the word “don’t” (comes from person experience), but always make sure to read over the things you write. The internet, as much as it is a public space, its permanent. There always will be remnants of what you’ve posted somewhere on the internet.

And that brings about the final point:

3. Be succinct and precise. 

Whether its an email or tweet, you need to get your point across fast. We live in a world where we are consuming information at a rate faster than ever and we as a society need to be able to keep up wit that pace precisely and condensed.

Social media is new, fast and evolving even faster. How many tweets were posted in the time you spent reading this? Or how many hours of video were posted on to Youtube? It keeps increasing in quantity and speed. And sometimes, we make mistakes, and corporations make mistakes, but keeping these things in mind before you comment or tweet, can help you avoid unwanted situations on the internet. After all, once it’s up there, its up there for good.

Digital/Internet Etiquette OR “Netiquette”

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